Marc One Glossary

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Numismatic terms, slang and acronyms used at Marc One.

Ag  the periodic table #47 symbol for silver, Ag. 
ASE American Silver Eagle $1 Face Value and .999 Fine Silver
AGW The actual pure .999 gold weight of the item
Ask The selling price of a coin. The antithesis of bid.
ASW The actual pure .999 silver weight of the item
APtW The actual pure .999 platinum weight of the item
Au The periodic table #79 symbol for gold, Au.
AU The about uncirculated grade – AU50-55
Bars Rectangularly shaped bullion as opposed to round shaped bullion coins. Usually in .999 fine ounce form but some gold bars come in grams or multiples thereof.
BU  The brilliant uncirculated grade – MS60-63
Bid Marc One’s purchase or buy price. Bid and Buy price are synonymous.
Bullion Precious Metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium without numismatic value. Generally bought and sold in .999 fine bar or round shapes. 
Buy Marc One’s purchase or bid price. Buy and Bid are synonymous.
Cartwheel luster The circular rotating light effect seen on gem BU silver coins under light. Especially noticeable in the Morgan dollar series.
CAC Certified Acceptance Corporation. The industry recognized expert blessing and highest accolade for coins in PCGS or NGC holders. PQ Coins.
Cull A coin which is damaged, LP or not acceptable for the grade due to issues like rim bump, cleaning.  
Counterfeit Not made in or at the Mint of purported origin. 
COA Certificate of authenticity
Damaged the cull, LP or damaged quality coin or condition/grade 
FV Face Value
LP The low premium (LP) or cull grade. Sometimes AG03 but can be high grade, like XF45, only damaged.  
N NGC, Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
NGC Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
Moose A mega grade coin that also has something special about it. An Example is an 1881-s M$1 PCGS MS68+ CAC with crazy color.
OGP Original Government Packaging + COA
P PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service
PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service
Pd The periodic table #46 symbol for palladium, Pd.
PQ Premium Quality for the grade. The coin is not a lock to upgrade but it is super high end and beautiful. Examples are CAC coins. 
Pt The periodic table #78 symbol for platinum, Pt. 
Rounds Refers to and is used to describe the generic circular .999 fine gold and silver bullion coins (rounds) which trade closest to their respective spot value. 
Sell Marc One’s sell price
Slider The AU58+ grade of a coin. 
Snowy Adj. Used to describe the powder white fresh snow look on silver coins. A regular site for 1884-o Morgan dollars.
Spot(s) Usually by the ounce, the cash now price relating to the London Fixes as opposed to a futures price for commodities like gold. Based on supply and demand.  
Spread Describes the price difference between the bid/buy of a coin and the ask/sell price of a coin.
VG the very good grade – VG08 to 10
Whopper Adj. Used to describe quality and latent rarity together. A vibrant and fully toned 1913-P Barber 50c in PCGS MS67+
XF the extra fine grade – XF45-45
  Negative Terms, negative slang or acronyms:  Not used by Marc One
Blazer A telemarketer in Minneapolis made the word popular describing Saint Gaudens. However, the purpose was to make the coin sound better than it is. 
Bozo Describes someone, with direct reference to the clown, but with the with further dig implying they do not know what they are doing but, in their mind, think they do. 
Re-nig Terrible word. For the record I hate it. Any person who backs off a trade or breaks their word.
Stroke A potential customer or potential buyer who “takes” a lot of time but never buys anything. 
Tire-Kicker Sadly, a universal meaning. To some coin dealers, this person (the tire-kicker) took away time from the dealer but not as badly as the “stroke” did.

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