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Terms and Conditions

BUY and SELL PRICES are for common dates. Coins grading from jewelry to BU are uncertified. Coins grading MS61 and above are either PCGS or NGC certified depending on stock availability. Any sale requires a 10% deposit and all invoices are due within 7 days. Unless extended terms are prearranged unpaid invoices are subject to cancellation along with the loss of your deposit. Delivery after good funds. Special orders for items not in stock will be delivered within 30 days of your payment. Prices are set at time of publication. Obvious typographical price errors are not honored. Prices are valid for the business day. 1% up or down in gold will force new prices.

Return and Exchange Policy

Marc One™ does offer options and a limited 5 day return policy for non-bullion (bullion products* defined below) products. The 5 day period starts after courier proof of delivery to you or your agent. If you plan to return your purchase we require a phone call AND an email to: within this time frame.

Non-bullion common date coin(s) or “generics” – may be exchanged within 5 days of receipt for the same type of common date coin but not always the same date if you are unhappy with your “generic” purchase for any reason. In this swap, the grade of your new coin remains the same however your new coin is just different and hopefully to your liking. If you are still not satisfied, you will be issued a full refund upon the return and receipt of your purchase to Marc One™. 

Non-bullion Rare coin purchases. If, within 5 days after delivery, you are unhappy with your rare coin purchase an exact date exchange may not be possible as rare coins tend to be more unique by nature. If this is the case you will have the option of a full credit towards any other new coin purchase at Marc One™ or you may have a full refund.

After 5 days in your possession exchanges are welcome however Marc One™ will credit your account in such a trade at our bid/buy price towards your new purchase.

After 5 days in your possession full refunds will not be given. Marc One™ will offer to purchase your coin(s) from you at our current bid or buy back price.

After 5 days it is disclaimed, these above actions may result in a loss to you.

Bullion Product* Sales at Marc One™  are final and non-refundable. Marc One™ will make market offers to buy all bullion or bullion related products back based on the spot metal price at the time of return. It is disclaimed: this could result in a loss for you even if the market has gone up.

* Bullion products to Marc One™ are considered sold as non-numismatic with a value per coin generally less than melt plus 15%. This may include but is not limited to: most of the U.S. American Eagle program, most other U.S. Mint bullion programs, most Canadian Maples, most South African K-Rands, most jewelry grade or problem U.S. Gold (Pre 1933) and most other world bullion gold, platinum, palladium or silver products, etc.

How to Return an Order: If you plan to return your purchase we require a phone call (800-346-2721) AND an email to: For online orders, please include your order number in your email. Once Marc One has been notified of your return, you can drop your return off at our coin store in Rancho Mirage, CA for processing or, if you do not personally return the item(s) to us, please return your purchase via Registered and Insured mail through the US Post Office. You will be responsible for all return postage fees. 

Our Return Address:

Marc One – RTO
70020 CA-111
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

When Can I Expect my Refund? Refunds are processed the following business day if not sooner. Credit card, bank wire and check payments will be refunded the same way you paid us. For example, if you paid with credit card then your credit card will be refunded. Bank wire for bank wire, check for check. Cash payments will be refunded with a Marc One Numismatics, Inc. check. Money order payments will be refunded with Marc One Numismatics, Inc. check.

Risk and Risk Management

Numismatic items, coins and bullion and related items can and sometimes do lose significant value. In a worst case, like a market collapse, this could be as much as 50% of your cost. Numismatic items, coins, bullion and related items can appreciate in value; however, this can take 15 years or more. Marc One does not recommend you buy coins unless you have discretionary, extra money. Marc One does not recommend more than 15% of your family’s net worth be spent or invested in numismatics, coins, bullion, etc.

In addition to rare coins and bullion we believe a prudent, rounded portfolio should include: Cash in FDIC insured bank accounts, Real Estate, low risk U.S. stocks, Government Bonds and Fine Art. In some specialized cases, trading cards, rare wine and rare automobiles. We believe it is prudent to be diversified across and through different categories as not all investments are liquid at all times.

Disputes and How to Solve Them

Call us first. 1-800-346-2721. In our opinion, there is no better place to resolve any problem than with us. However, any dispute which can not be resolved informally shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) located in Fallbrook, CA. The PNG can be found at WWW.PNGDEALERS.ORG

Having conducted business with Marc One it is agreed neither party is entitled to recover consequential or punitive damages or attorney fees from the other party.

We Care About Your Privacy

In a nutshell: I don’t sell, share or give away your data or personal details. I don’t throw away any handwritten data – it is all destroyed.

Disclaimers include: 

  1. Marc One won’t give a credit reference about you unless you authorize it. 
  2. Marc One complies with court orders, federal investigators, and things which might prove you did something you should not have.
  3. Marc One is a discrete dealer but in the coin shop other customers could overhear what you buy and/or sell.
  4. Marc One complies with federal anti-money laundering rules.
  5. Marc One complies with cash transaction reporting rules. Marc One files CTR’s for any sale over 10k paid in cash and/or combined instruments from a single person(s).
  6. Marc One does not use facial recognition technology with the coin shop cctv’s technology. However; for security purposes, this could change at any time. 
  7. Marc One uses “big” companies to keep the online site safe. Certain parts of this website are maintained by these third parties, who work hard to keep your information secure. We share information with these third parties who help us provide our orders and store services to you, i.e. checkout with PayPal, your credit card, etc. 


Marc Crane, CEO.